Building Hope

Every person who gets involved in a Habitat project both builds and receives hope.
“I cannot believe how many new people I have
met through this theme build project; not only
have I met them, but now they are my friends. It
really made this whole process easier to know
that people truly cared and wanted to help me
and my family; they gave me hope and
strength…and we had a lot of fun working
together too!” - Brandy Williams



“Habitat for Humanity has given me the
opportunity to learn many things about myself
and the people around me. I have learned that
there are no limits to what I can do, as long as I
am willing to work hard for it and not give up
when faced with adversity. I have learned that
the love and faith in the hearts of those who
believe in the mission of Habitat builds so much
more than homes. ” - Jodi Heisler


“The Dogfish Head Beer Brewery
and Pubowners and staff were
some of the most generous, fun,
and compassionate people I have
ever met. The whole day was full of
smiles and laughs. These people
put as much heart into helping others
as they do into brewing their famous beer.
I pray their kindness to me and my family
and all the Habitat families they have
helped over the years comes
back to them tenfold.” - Cheryl Vogl

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