How to Apply/Cómo Aplicar

1. To qualify for a Sussex County Habitat for Humanity house you must:

  •  live or work in Sussex County for at least one year,
  •  have a need for decent and affordable housing,
  •  be able to pay a not for profit affordable mortgage in the approximate amount of $500 per    month, and
  •  demonstrate a willingness  to partner.

2. The need for housing may be demonstrated by:

  • overcrowding,
  • cost burdened,
  • rodent infestation,
  • inadequate water, electrical, heating or septic systems,
  • structural problems or any other unhealthy or unsafe conditions.

3. The ability to pay the not for profit, affordable mortgage is demonstrated by having a gross income from all qualified sources within the following guidelines:

2013- 2014 HUD Guidelines

Family Size
Income not less than
Income not more than
$19,800 Yearly
($1,650 Monthly)
$26,220 Yearly
($2,185 Monthly)
$19,800 Yearly
($1,650 Monthly)
$30,000 Yearly
($2,500 Monthly)
$19,800 Yearly
($1,650 Monthly)
$33,720 Yearly
($2,810 Monthly)
$19,800 Yearly
($1,650 Monthly)
$37,440 Yearly
($3,120 Monthly)
$19,800 Yearly
($1,650 Monthly)
$40,440 Yearly
($3,370 Monthly)
$19,800 Yearly
($1,650 Monthly)
$43,440 Yearly
($3,620 Monthly)
$19,800 Yearly
($1,650 Monthly)
$46,440 Yearly
($3,870 Monthly)

4. A successful applicant family must also be willing to fulfill all of the requirements related to being a Habitat partner family.  Some of these requirements are:

  • Investing 250 hours per adult in "sweat equity" building your own home and the homes of other Habitat partner families.
  • Having on deposit, in escrow, of $2,500 for closing costs.
  • Attending monthly homeownership preparation classes.
  • Learning about construction and home maintenance.
  • Being a good ambassador for Habitat in the community so this important work can continue.

If you would like to learn more about homeownership, call us (302) 855-1153 ext. 204

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