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Neighborhood Revitalization uses a holistic approach that unites residents, not-for-profits, businesses, local governments, and communities of faith to implement a shared vision of revitalizing neighborhoods in ways that are truly transformational. Investing in a specific neighborhood builds momentu, engages residents, leveralges resources, attachts donors, and generaltes noticeable implact in a relatively short period of time.  By engaging and collaborating with community partners, we can transform neighborhoods into vibrant, safe, and inviting places for current and future residents to live.







We are engaged in Neighborhood Revitalizatin iniatives in Seafood and Laurel, with future plans for other communities.  To empower community residents to help themselves, Sussex Habitat employs four emplementation stategies and six transforming projects that grow productivity, fortify neighborhoods, and create positive catalytic impact in the community.

The Strategies:

  1. Build Partnerships.  We work with local leaders to align goals for improving the community.

  2. Leverage resources.  We concentrate staff, volunteers, building materials, and donations in a defined neighborhood, to increase visibility, grow impact, and produce greater results in less time.  

  3. Empower Families.  Habitat homebuyers are required to give at least 200 hours of sweat equity and attend pre- and post-homeownership classes that provide instruction in budgeting, insurance, predatory lending and foreclosure avoidance, and home maintenance.  While Habitat Family Empowerment provides one-on-one financial coaching to further empower Habitat homebuyers, free financial coaching are also available to everyone in the community.

  4. Inspire donors.  Our productivity, efficiency, and impact compel donors and funders to invest in the community.

The Transforming Projects:

  1. Clean-up.  Supported by volunteer, Habitat provides removable dumpsters at no cost to residents giving everyone an opportunity to clean up their properties and dispose of unwanted household items.

  2. Home Repairs.  Timely, affordable repairs extend the life of a home and keep homeowners safe. When repairs are left unaddressed, homes deteriorate into substandard conditions and abandonment affecting the neighborhood.  Repairs strengthen neighborhood integrity.

  3. Home Rehabilitation.  Blighted, foreclosed, or abandoned houses with sound structural “bones” are rehabbed and sold to qualified Habitat partner families.

  4. New Home Construction.  Vacant lots and derelict homes in established residential neighborhoods offer new home construction opportunities that bring stable Habitat homebuyers into the community.

  5. Financial Empowerment.  Supported by $tand by Me, free financial workshops and coaching are available to everyone in the community, including those who are not in the Habitat program.

  6. Advocacy.  At Habitat, we cannot serve all families who currently live in substandard housing. Even with greater efficiencies, people fall through the cracks. Failed or inadequate housing policies allow rental properties to fall into disrepair unchecked. Sussex Habitat joins others to advocate for policies and practices that improve affordablehousing conditions and access.


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